August 1859 Vol. 19, Issue 111, p. 424

Old Professor S—— was one of the instructors at "Dartmouth College" years ago, and was withal about as blunt and straightforward a specimen of humanity as ever walked, being considered a little crabbed by intimates. One day in the early summer he was taking his usual stroll around the village, keeping his "eye out" for any "fast" student who might be "off duty", when he chanced upon Mr. Page, a sturdy farmer from East Hanover, with a load of wood, trudging along the dusty street barefooted and coatless; but he was a fine representative of "Nature's noblemen."

"Hullo! Mr. Page," growled the Professor, "I should like to know if all the people at East Hanover go barefoot?"

"Part on 'em do, and the rest on 'em mind their own business!" was the rather settling reply.